News in 2A and 2B!

Week of May 14- May 18, 2018

*This Thursday, May 17 is our Field Day. Students should wear their TRIBE shirts today. Lunch will be provided by Home & School. Students will receive a turkey sub, chips, & water.

*We are asking that each child please bring a rag to help clean desks for the end of the year.

*A Sneak Peek At Our Week...

*Religion - We will have a test over Ch. 25 on Wednesday, May 16. Please review the highlighted text in your child’s Religion book for the test.

*JK - 8 grade will have mass on Thurs., May 17.

*Reading - This week we will continue to work on fact & opinion as well as comparing and contrasting stories in our reading groups.

*Spelling : Words with er, ir, and ur pattern sounds

We will be trying to individualize the Spelling list to each child. Therefore, we will incorporate more challenging words into our Spelling lessons. Your child will be responsible for bringing his/her list home on Monday. A Spelling test will be given every Friday unless otherwise notified.

*Spelling Words: bird, after, player, over, hurt, burn, fur, camper, girl, swirl, toy, soil, coin, person, & birthday. TEST THIS FRI., May 18.

* The following 5 words may take the place of the first 5 words on the list. Your child will know on Monday if the following 5 words will replace his/her first 5 words on the list.

* squirm, surprise, swerve, disturb, & concert

*English - Students will continue to work on Topic 7 Study Skills. We will continue to work on our Animal Research Projects.

*Math - THERE WILL BE A TEST OVER TOPIC 15- MEASURING LENGTH THIS WED., MAY 16. Please look for the reteaching sheet for Topic 15 in your child’s binder the night before the test. They will also receive a Topic 15 test on Tuesday to study for Wednesday’s test. Please use this as a study guide for the test. These can stay at home.

*We will then start Topic 16 - Time, graphs, & Data.

* Students will continue with subtraction timed tests this week.They will be given 1 minute to complete 25 problems. We will be working with facts 18 and below.


*Study Spelling Words

*Monday - Thursday - Please check students assignment pads for nightly homework assignments.